Exams SUCK.

27 Apr

Yes, you got that right. I’m sure every university student will agree with me on this unanimously.

I had my intro to soci finals this morning, and the bad news was that I woke up in the morning with a sore throat and slight fever. 😦 And that sucks totally, it kind of affected my brain a little, but at least I didn’t lose my head totally or anything!

1 thing that irritates me totally about my exam schedule this sem is the EXTREMELY long gap between my second last and last paper. Imagine having a gap of more than a week in between! It’s so infuriating because it makes my holiday mood set in way in advance, and the ability to concentrate just seems to…. go downhill?

SIGH. But it doesn’t matter, as I know I’d be able to catch up, and get a good grade for it.

Hello PSY343 (perception psych),  you’re a bitch and I hate you ’cause you’re so hard to understand and the technical terms kill me. Sucks when you have ZERO bio background in secondary school and JC.

I pray I survive 343 tml, and be able to pass this module, considering how I flunked the first quiz and got D for both of my midterms 😦

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