The worst is over, for now.

30 Apr

You read that right! Sociology and perception psych are over and done with, and what’s left is statistics and it’s on 10th May. -.-

Seriously, I dislike the long gap, but I have to admit that it’s a blessing in disguise too, because it gives me more time to catch up on revision for stats, considering that I’ve neglected it since the semester ended, focusing more on sociology and perception psych since they were upcoming first and both mods require an INSANE amount of memory work, especially for perception psych cos the terms are so technical and biological that yours truly is suffering greatly, since I have ZERO bio background! 😦

Anyway, ever since I handed in my perception psych paper on Thursday, I’ve been unofficially in holiday mood already, in large part thanks to the very long gap in between perception and stats.

Met up with Cherie and Shi Hui at vivo yesterday to chill, walk around and drink gong cha. Oh, and of course, talking a lot. That’s what best friends are for (: Not to mention eat a lot with the SIM people, spend WAY too much money… Shit. Now I feel very guilty. 😦

Side note: Service today was awesome (: Love being in the company of awesome people, and most importantly drawing closer to Jesus. Sometimes I feel tired the whole week, and the only things I look forward to would be cell group and service on Friday and Saturday respectively.

W398+W557+W378 = 😀 ❤

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