Of studying and church.

05 May

I should be in bed right now, especially since cough medicine is starting to take effect and I’m feeling the urge to drop now as it is.

I came back only slightly more than a couple of hours ago from Ezekiel bible study at Jurong West City Harvest. Bible study ran on for 20 minutes later than usual D: Not that I minded God’s words, what I feared was the ticking off I’d get from my parents when I got back since it was already 10+PM then! I do stay near enough to Jurong West but still, going home too late isn’t something I like to do all time.

Okay I’ve digressed.

Bible study was really good today, considering that I missed Part 2 of 5 (today’s was part 3) of the Book of Ezekiel, thanks to schoolwork commitments back in April. I hope I can be committed and devoted enough to come for every bible study, no matter how tired I might feel (and today sure is tiring!)

What Pastor Kong shared about idolatry really made a lot of sense, it kind of opened a door and exposed me to something new that I would never have registered under normal circumstances. Even certain things in church (ie. ministry, time spent working in church) can turn out into your idol, without your knowledge. All the time I thought that it was praying to statues that was defined as idolatry, but now I realized it actually is much more than it meets the eye. And he shared also that the only book that is the most reliable is the BIBLE.

Something interesting learned today: Whatever that was prophesied in Ezekiel really did come to past! Something I’d previously never registered, since I hadn’t really read on the book of Ezekiel before, I’d focused on the New Testament usually as it somehow seemed easier to follow. Guess it’s time I start reading up more into the Old Testament! 🙂

Alright, time to hit the sack! Have to wake up early tml and I’ve no idea how I’m going to do so. :\

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