WhatsApp surprise (:

18 May

Got a little surprise today when my ex-classmate from my JJ days, Si Jie whatsapped me (:

Yes, I’ve been a total dinosaur, I’ve gotten my iPhone 4 for about 9 months already but I only VERY recently downloaded WhatsApp. Dinosaur doesn’t even begin to describe this! Hahaha.

It was a pleasant surprise because she’s currently on exchange in Sweden now, and we haven’t really kept much contact because of time differences and our differences in the times that we’re online. She actually had tried testing my name on WhatsApp when she saw my name pop up on her WhatsApp contact list, and it had actually worked because I replied her, so we ended up texting and all that to catch up on each other’s news, since it’s been a really, really long time since I last saw her, and I hadn’t been able to make it for her advanced 21st celebration because I’d finals then and I needed to study.

It’s always good to catch up with an old friend! (:

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