When the twin terrorists reach the terrible twos…

21 May

Little Ryan (:

The food was really awesome! (: In large part probably due to the fact that I woke up late and skipped breakfast too zzz.

I like the cake design, and the flavor! (:

You wouldn’t believe how much Ryan squirmed and struggled each time someone tried to hold him/carry him -.-

Rachael decided to dig into the cake a tad early!

Headed off to Suntec for service after that and for the first time I was the last one to reach today (though of course I wasn’t late!)

Dr John Avanzini is a really good preacher, he preached about how our expectations should always be maintained at a high level, to prevent unbelief from occurring. On hindsight it’s really true too, because if you have high expectations, the miracles that you’ll get are bound to be greater too.

Sometimes I think I’m guilty of letting my expectations down too. From now on, I really MUST do my utmost best to keep my hopes and everything high, to get better results in whatever I’m setting out to do!
Xiaowei came to find us after service, and we were all rather stunned (for the W398 people at least!), and we were all so happy, trying to catch up with her in terms of news and all that. 🙂 We’ve missed her so much ever since she transferred to an adult cell group due to her working commitments and we’ve missed having her around in our cell, preaching to us and hanging out with us 🙂

Fellowship moments were fun as usual, we laughed too much and too loud as always HAHA. Disaster nearly struck at Promenade station since we were rushing for the train heading towards Dhoby Ghaut, I was the last one in and I nearly got crushed by the doors. And the door hit my arm too 😦 Cherie and Peter got left behind on the platform, and she was lucky that he pulled her back onto the platform just in time as she was behind me and she’d be the one nearly crushed instead of me if she wasn’t pulled back in time. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock! But thankfully we all made it through in one piece, by getting off at Esplanade to wait for Cherie and Peter.

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