I try.

03 Jun

It gets extremely frustrating whenever you don’t get the results that you want despite trying so hard. I really, really hate that feeling and it makes me feel as though I’m a useless being, incapable of doing well.

It’s very demoralizing too 😦

And honestly speaking, WHO IN THE WORLD STUDIES DURING JUNE HOLIDAYS!?!? (based on the university perspective!)

I really hate the fact that UB people have to go through summer semester. Whoever heard of summer semesters being compulsory? I’ve always had the view that it was optional, and usually is far more relaxed. What I’m going through is 15 weeks’ worth of material to be covered in 6 WEEKS.

Seriously, it’s really ridiculous. I really want my June holidays back, June holidays are totally not meant for mugging (for uni students), it’s meant to chill out, work, go on internships or travel! I don’t deny that scientific inquiry and clinical psych are interesting, but it’s really very taxing to cram 15 weeks of material into 6 weeks. It’s literally murder, considering how stressful the previous sem was.

I try at everything, and I refuse to give up because giving up means you’re a loser, as far as I’m concerned. After all, winners never quit and quitters never win.

My cousins have always said that I was the optimist, among the 3 of us. Sabby always says that if I were to KO, think of what would happen to her and Tabs. But lately, I sure am not feeling that way. It doesn’t help when affairs of the heart(in the negative sense) and studies collide together, it’s in reality a recipe for disaster and frustrations will come flowing sooner or later.

I’m resisting the urge to curse and swear. I really wonder how long I can hold out sometimes, because the stress is sometimes too great for me to bear.

Learn to let go, let God. Let Him come and take control, for He knows best where you’re headed to and will guide you along the right path.

When I think about the stress and everything, I’m just really thankful still, because I’ve got good friends in school who never fail to make my day with a retarded comment, be it face to face or on WhatsApp; and also the best friend, who’s always there to listen to me whine whenever it comes to studies, weight issues, relationship affairs, talking on and on about life, church, future and everything.

Thank God for wonderful friends around. I’d never be able to survive if I didn’t have them, seriously.

I’m gonna try, I’m never gonna give up, ’cause I’m a survivor.

I’m so gonna make sure I can get an A or B+ at the very minimum for clinical psych. I really need the As to come in soon and I’ve really got to grit my teeth, hold back my tears, say a prayer and just completely trust in Him.

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