Quick updates!

10 Jun

I’ve been a bit out of it lately because I’ve been busy mugging for my first clinical psych exam. It’s over and done with, so hopefully my results will turn out fine.

On a side note, this week has been a week where I keep feeling sleepy and hungry. For the way and rate I crave and eat, I wonder how I don’t become Garfield D: It’s seriously time to clock in more mileage again, to keep the calories at bay.

I was supposed to go for church wide bible study at Jurong West CHC yesterday, but I was way too tired and had a lot of school-related stuff to clear [Which until now isn’t fully cleared yet 😦 ], so I decided to watch it online instead.
To be really honest, watching it online is very different compared to being in church, the house of God itself. Watching it online has its perks, namely the fact that you can watch it in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to worry about transport back home. No doubt I stay near enough to church (it’s just a half hour bus ride on 99 for me), but getting home at 11+pm still isn’t really good, especially for a girl.  The annoying thing was that when I streamed it online, there were some technical glitches as my laptop decided to hang on me !@#$%^ So I had no choice but to restart it again, then realized that I needed some kind of software in order to watch it online, and I had to download it -.- on top of that, there were a few pauses here and there during the program itself! Talk about seriously annoying. I’d much rather be at church itself in honesty!

In 3 sems in school, I have really funny friends, who never fail to make my day and make me laugh, especially on WhatsApp HAHAHA.

Screenshots had been snapped ’cause I find them way beyond hilarious. Yes, the whole group of us in school (and that’s 11people!) have WhatsApp 😀 Notifications MUST be turned off when studying otherwise the spamming will occur. And I could actually see 200-300plus notifications at times!





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