Bible, the most reliable book ever (:

13 Jun

I saw this photo on Cherie’s Tumblr site earlier and decided to rip this off (: What she said about our cell leader saying ‘Clean Bible, dirty Christian; dirty Bible, clean Christian’ makes a lot of sense.

Perhaps at the time Peter/Xiaowei said that to her, I probably hadn’t joined the cell yet, or I had already joined but was still relatively new to the cell. That phrase seems pretty familiar to me, so I’m guessing that I was probably already in the cell at the time I heard this phrase.

It’s really very true in honesty, because the Bible is 1 book that you can rely on no matter what. It’s a whole lot of stories, parables, insights, revelations, and most importantly, God’s Word.

Bible study never fails to give me new revelations, just like reading the bible too (: While I’ve to admit that it’s difficult to read the Bible sometimes because it can be extremely complicated at certain places, and also partly due to the fact that I’m constantly bogged down with schoolwork these days, I try to read it as often as I can and highlight whatever I see that appeals to me (to try and make my life better) and what speaks volumes to me. (: Note making in the Bible is near impossible for me as my handwriting’s a little bit too big and slightly cursive for the Bible and I’m quite particular about neatness, so notes go into another notebook instead for easier reference.

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