09 Aug

In honesty, biopsych isn’t my favorite module in psychology. And I thought perception psych was bad enough as it is!

Maybe it’s really just because I have no background in bio, which is why I’m struggling pretty badly.

Though now as summer sem nears to an end, I realized that the last few chapters of biopsych is actually pretty fascinating, because we got to see videos about how children with autism behave (the many different kinds of unusual behavior they exhibit), how people with certain forms of aphasia have difficulty trying to talk/talking fluently but totally unaware that their speech just doesn’t make sense, how certain drugs can really affect the brain and physiological system.. And the list could just go on.

The annoying part is the section on pharmocology, it’s really the pits for me because there’s so many jargons in it that can easily kill me off, not to mention the technical names of the medications and drugs covered 😦 From the chapter on the structure of the brain and pharmocology, for the first time I really and truly understand what medical students go through in their course of study. Though I’m pretty sure that what I’m studying in biopsych now is just a mere drop in the ocean compared to what medical students actually have to study, at the very least there’s this bit in common that psych students and medical students will have to go through in university.

I thought I’d seen it all, when I did my research paper on genetics and obesity for ESL408 in sem2, and had to do a  lot of research to back up my stand. I encountered a lot of unfamiliar medical terms, and I’m pretty sure that there will be way more terms then what I’m seeing now, in both biopsych and all the research journals that I read through for research purposes.

Sometimes, when I read through my textbook (especially the last few chapters on the abnormalities in the brain), it makes me feel immensely thankful that I’m perfectly normal and healthy, physically. I can’t even begin to imagine how people with aphasia, brain disorders, anxiety and panic disorders (the list really can go on!) deal with life, and they face the risk of being treated in a different (and often more negatively inclined) way due to the fact that they’re different.

Really, we are all different, we have different temperaments and characters. But ever since biopsych, it’s made me feel that I’m truly lucky and blessed, in the name of Jesus, that we’re physically normal and healthy at the very least. And it has also made me come to the realization that studying is actually way easier compared to working. Though it may seem like the other way round sometimes, in reality working does depend on how your employer treats you in a way too. If he/she favors you then all’s fine, but if he/she seems to view you as the bane of their existence, working life would probably be hell. So indeed, count your blessing if you’re a student, be it a secondary school kid, JC/poly/ITE student or university undergraduate!

Okay, I know the above paragraph doesn’t really link much to biopsych, but it’s just a feeling that I had recently when I was studying biopsych in preparation for Thursday’s final paper.

It’s been taking up so much time (besides church), that sometimes I feel very drained out and frustrated, because the jargons are extremely confusing but I don’t have that much problem understanding the consequences of certain actions in the brain.

I’ve been meaning to update about all the happenings around me, complete with photos and all, but I really don’t have the time right now… At least until this Thursday. I’m just longing for Thursday to come and go quickly, so that I can go out to town to catch a breather, shop for certain stuff that I have to get but haven’t the time to do so YET, and my much-needed 2 week break! Not to mention my belated 21st celebration on this Friday and CHC’s 22nd anniversary! 🙂

Just hang on in there, you know you can do it!

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
– Isaiah 40:31

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