Coming together as nerds for City Harvest’s 22nd anniversary! :D

14 Aug

I don’t look exactly THAT nerd, because I can’t really carry off the look that well! CHC’s 22nd was awesome, first time ever I see people being decked out in such wacky costumes that range from nerd to old school to soccer jerseys hahaha! Made a new friend that day too, Melissa (: She’s Cherie’s best friend in NUS, but we kinda hit it off when we met yesterday, partly also because Mel’s met most of the cell group beforehand (:

Pictures do talk way more than words!

Eugene, aka See An An!

Lava’s the champion of the nerds indeed! xD

LOL Keng Yip.

Kitty and Keng Yip

Peter and Hong Bin

Peixin looks like he’s some secondary school gangster HAHAHAHAHA.

Joel aka Andre Kazhua xD

With Joy, Jenna and Peter 🙂

Xueting and Shi Hui (:

Happy birthday in advance Yi Long! 😀

Xueting, Jenna and Wei Ming. Conclusion: iPhone 4’s inner camera is meant for camwhoring LOL.

Jie Xiang and Xueyi

Wei Ming (:

Peter, Jenna and Wei Ming

Lin Hui Alibaba! 😀

Again, all other photos are up on Facebook! It’s been a crazy and fun experience being in CHC. More to come in the years ahead! 🙂

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