Of crazy running around, from west to east and back again

26 Aug

The weather in the morning was cold and rainy, which means that it’s absolutely perfect for sleeping in! *cue Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’*

Yet yours truly got out of bed at 830AM for piano lesson, helping out at House of Joy and special service with Pastor Bill Wilson at Jurong West CHC.

I should be sleeping now, but I don’t really want to sleep yet despite feeling tired and fat (no thanks to pigging out too much today! 😦 )

I was more than willing to help out at House of Joy today, since it’s the last weekday of my 2 week break before school starts again and I get sucked back into mugging hell, and I figured I’d be better off doing something beneficial and fulfilling instead of lazing around at home in front of my laptop.

The elderly ladies there were pretty sprightly despite their age, which is something that totally amazed me (: there’s this particular old lady who’s 91 years old and hunchbacked due to age, but she walks, talks, eats and does her stuff normally like any average adult (: and she doesn’t even need the support of anybody too! Totally amazing, and heartwarming at the same time. 🙂 She approached Lava and me while we were clearing out some of the extra goodie bags left around since the opening ceremony of House of Joy is technically today and there was an over-supply of the goodie bags. Initially she spoke to me in Chinese, which wasn’t a problem for me, but when she slipped into dialect I was lost D: It took a bit of translation from another CHCSA volunteer to figure out what dialect she was speaking, and it turned out this old lady was a Teochew, like me.
OHMYGOD the horror. As can be seen, my dialect command is near to negative infinity D:

Seeing them around in House of Joy (which in itself reminds me of a mini cafe) makes me smile too, there’s just something about them that’s so relaxing, peaceful and carefree 🙂 It kind of reminds me of the old days too, especially since I saw an old fashioned abacus and sewing machine there, along with 5 stones and a chaptek. Totally old school stuff! 🙂

And it was a crazy shuttling journey back to the west again for Pastor Wilson’s special service! He comes across as being rather brash, for some reason, but he’s super straightforward and his word was the kind that can really strike you hard in your heart too, it’s stunning.

Sleepy is my middle name these days, I think I really have gone out too much, slept at really irregular timings and get up at ungodly hours too. So much for planning to adjust the body clock back to normal.

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