Channeling my inner rocker gene?

28 Aug

This is the performance for CHC’s 22nd anniversary this year, with the 4 male vocal leaders leading the song! The actual song itself starts at 5:53, the performance before that was by Dance and Strikeforce ministries.

Came across this by chance on YouTube, and was watching it on the bus on my way back home after Sunday service (to make up for not attending yesterday’s one as something came up at the last minute). I was internally bopping my head to the beat, and was murmuring the lyrics. If anyone was watching me, they’d probably think I’m nuts in some way D:

But seriously speaking,  I realized that I’ve enjoyed listening to ‘crazy’ beats like this somehow, there’s that rock edge to it that has caught my interest in recent months. Maybe it’s me, or more likely, it’s just that CHC’s praise and worship music team are just way too good in jazzing up the atmosphere during service for praise and worship! 🙂

The sad part is, I can’t really sing, my pitching can be rather screwed sometimes 😦 Ohwell. But that still won’t stop me from enjoying music in any form! 🙂

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