Give blood, give life

18 Sep

I donated blood for the first time ever yesterday before service! It was actually supposed to be bible study, but Peter called at the last minute to ask if I wanted to donate blood, and since I’m already of age I just figured it was okay.. Even though I don’t really like needles, I just wisely looked away during injection and tried not to think about it when I was getting the injection of localized anesthesia.

Super garang Peter, who’s donated blood for 15 times already!

I was initially worried that I wouldn’t be able to donate blood because I had no idea if my iron content would be high enough to be eligible. But I was really surprised when I found that I JUST managed to meet the requirement, in terms of my iron content. For all who doesn’t know, the minimum level of iron has to be 12.5. And I had 12.5 EXACTLY. Thankfully it didn’t hurt!

Though the bad part about it was that during worship, I nearly blacked out for some reason and cold sweat broke out 😦 That was the first time ever I had to sit down during worship, and I hope there won’t be a 2nd time of me feeling the urge to black out after blood donation, because I really want to be able to continue donating blood!

Biggest coincidence of the century: When I was sitting in the chair with my blood flowing into the blood bag, I looked over in the other direction and saw this girl next to me. Initially I didn’t pay attention ’cause I figured she was another person part of the congregation.. Until she looked at me face to face and I saw that it was my friend Min Qi. HAHAHA talk about how incredibly small the world can be! It turned out that she’s part of CHC now, that she came in a couple of months or so back (:

Blood donation, while it’s been a great experience, wasn’t great for me due to the side effects of nearly blacking out, breaking into cold sweat and feeling incredibly tired after that. Though I definitely won’t mind donating blood again anytime!

Digressing  a bit now!

It was Baby Dedication service again yesterday! 😀 The babies are so adorable! Though some definitely didn’t enjoy the feeling of possibly having too many strangers around ’cause there was quite a fair bit of crying from them. And some of them have that silly yet funny-looking expressions whenever Pastor Kong  said a prayer for them. Some of them even tried to reach out for the microphone too! Which is very common and never fails to spark off laughter and ‘Awww so cute!’ from the congregation (: The above shot shows this little boy who suddenly started crying. Oh well, babies (:

Happy 20th, Joy! 😀

W398+W378! Sadly this photo is a bit dark, it was from my phone and so I’ve to wait til Ting uploads the ones in her camera.

No idea how come the photo is so small 😦 Lava flew off to Australia on Friday night for Exercise Wallaby, and he’s going to be there for 3 months. See you in November buddy, and take care! We all miss you and hope things go smoothly down under!


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