Wake me up when September ends.

26 Sep

This phrase rang in my mind when I looked through all the stuff for UGC211 that has to be completed. And everything is due in this week. Quiz and presentation on Thursday, group response paper submission on Friday.

On the upside, at least it’s the end of September where majority of the UGC stuff is due, so ‘Wake me up when September ends’ is just so apt.

American history can be a tremendous bore in class – I’m no arty-farty person unfortunately! So it means that it can be difficult for me to pay attention in class sometimes, and it doesn’t help much when the pace of the lecture is as slow as a turtle with a sprained ankle D: It’s already week 5 of school and my lecturer started going through week 2’s lecture slides only today! Talk about incredibly slow!
I guess it’s little wonder why the class is pretty quiet in general.. Unless there’s some kind of debate going on, which we had recently on homosexuality.

But it hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about going to US again one day! 🙂 I miss Wisconsin, even though it was extremely cold during winter to the extent that I was so wrapped up in winter wear, but I still felt like I was in the South pole despite my efforts! And read: Thermal underwear, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, a fur jacket and a winter jacket (which made me the butt of jokes among my cousins when we were there ’cause that winter jacket looked like a trash bag!) I still froze up despite all that  layers of clothing. Horror.

Side note wise, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated since schoolwork really does take up a lot of time! I’m on Facebook and Twitter everyday since I’m using an iPhone, but blogging on a mobile phone is just inconvenient ’cause the screen is so small and I don’t like it.
And I’ve pigged out too much lately, I tried to make up for it by eating lesser last week, and at least I don’t feel that uncomfortable sensation of me sitting on my stomach for now.

Unnerving incident that happened after service on Saturday: We were at Suntec after dinner, and were about to go home since it was pretty late by then. We stopped by some shops along the way as there were sales in some of them, and we’d noticed a little boy crying and making a fuss outside New Look. Initially I didn’t think too much about it, assuming that he had probably caused trouble and his mum had spanked him. After stepping out of New Look (the last shop we went into before heading to City Hall MRT), that little boy was still crying, and was actually kicking about on the floor. His maid was there trying to calm him down, and he actually pulled the maid’s hair so hard! D:
It was pretty unnerving ’cause while I’ve seen my fair share of kids crying in public, this was really extreme and it was clear to me that this was no ordinary tantrum, since it was quite violent. Peter stepped in and tried to help his mum and maid calm the little boy down, but the little boy started tugging at his outer vest and was literally struggling despite Peter’s efforts in helping to calm him down. And the thing is that Peter is muscular and strong, anyone would have assumed that he would be able to calm the boy down easily with his strength, but it apparently didn’t work that way since that little boy’s tantrum was extremely violent 😦

I’m no clinical psychologist, despite having taken that mod before in school.. But his outburst seems to border on ADHD/autism, if my reckoning is right. No outburst would be this violent otherwise 😦  I really feel for his mother and maid, with that embarrassment of him crying and screaming so loudly in public, and probably being unable to control him despite their best efforts.

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