Westlife mania.

26 Sep

Those who know me well would know that I’m a pretty hardcore Westlife fan!

They’ll be in town on 3rd October for their Gravity tour! I totally want to go for it, but my parents kinda frowned upon it 😦 Spoilsports! And tickets are already sold out from what I’ve heard 😦

I’ve been seeing their promotional posters around town area, and when I was in IMM Popular earlier, I saw their Gravity album on sale there. Was really tempted to buy it, but didn’t since I didn’t have much money on  me then.

Come to think of it, the Gravity album is the only album out of all the Westlife albums that I’ve yet to buy, other than Allow Us To Be Frank, because I didn’t really fancy that Rat Pack style of music in the aftermath of Bryan leaving Westlife. Somehow I still feel that their pop style of music is a lot nicer!

Currently playing now! It’s 1 song that tugs at my heartstrings, with its minor chord melody and heartfelt & soulful lyrics. Another song on my list for me to attempt to figure out the chords on piano when my schoolwork clears up.
I know I’ve posted this up before in 1 of my older posts, but it’s 1 that I can never get tired of listening to. My mum shares my love of listening to Westlife too, and what she said to me about this song was that it seems so sad. Pretty apt, since Us Against The World was released in 2008 and Westlife had already been in the industry for 9 years by then!

Sad fact: Most boybands usually disband after about 3-4 years in the industry, most commonly after releasing a Greatest Hits album.

Westlife set a new trend, by remaining together after their Greatest Hits album was released in 2002. That’s one incredible feat! And why I love them and their music so much. I think I’ve been listening to them since their 2nd album Coast to Coast was released in 2000.
Holy smokes, it’s 11 years already!

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