03 Oct

Was really disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to go for Gravity Tour 2011 😦 The next time they come to Singapore for another concert, I WILL GO.

The only consolation that I had out of this was by spamming my Facebook and Twitter with Westlife-related posts, and their MVs (mainly spammed on Facebook), and by buying the Gravity album after finishing my tuition session earlier this evening! And when I say spam, I mean seriously spam. To the extent that I realized that all my Facebook posts ever since Sunday were ALL Westlife related, my Twitter’s crazily spammed (in part because I spam tweets when I’m really excited about something) and even until now I’m listening to the Gravity album on my iTunes!

I guess the fan mania has to be controlled, ’cause I don’t want it to get too out of hand. But still, I have always wanted the chance to meet Westlife in person ever since I fell in love with them and their music when I was really young, and now the chance bypassed me again since I couldn’t get tickets this year 😦

And while I might be a hardcore fan of Westlife, I’m not that hardcore to the extent that I’d go to EVERY single concert in the various countries that they’re touring, because that’s a tremendous lot of money taken into consideration and in honesty, a little too extreme in terms of stalking.

My definition of hardcore: Having all their albums (well, except Allow Us To Be Frank), and majority of their tours on DVD (except Where We Are, since it apparently isn’t released in Singapore yet), having their songs on replay on a pretty frequent basis, and having my iTunes filled with mainly their songs, in terms of English songs, since while I do listen to most genres of  music, Westlife still ranks Number 1 in terms of the likability factor and the fact that their music is just so good,  compared to most of the boybands of that era when boybands were all the rage, they’re still standing until today, which does say a lot, yes?

Even my mum shares my love for them, even though she’s probably not that hardcore a fan compared to me.

The next time they come to Singapore again for a concert, I WILL DEFINITELY GO.

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