Cherie’s 21st (:

04 Nov

Sorry for not updating for so long! Have been mad busy with a gazillion projects and research papers, tests and all that, alongside with church and other activities, and hence this domain has been neglected big time.

Update: Cherie’s 21st! It was on 15th October, and I helped her sister and cousin with the decorations and was also her camera-woman too 😀 It’s always worth everything to help a dear friend (:


Her birthday cake! Flavors of the cake were earl grey and lemon, but I can’t remember which layer was what. And her cake deco was really nice too!

Dried laksa goreng. Tried a bit of it from Mayching’s plate during the celebrations and it was pretty good!

Black pepper spaghetti. Out-of-the-world awesome! 😀

Our birthday girl! 😀 ❤


From JJ days, 4 years and counting! ❤

Her cousins (:

Her niece, Yu Zhen. Super adorable! 😀

Her NUS friends (:

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

Her friends from Jurongville.

Melissa, Peter and Yi Long

W398+W378! ❤

Her family

Her cousins and siblings (:

JJ people (:

W398+W378! 😀 ❤

With birthday girl and Mermer! 😀

Cindy, Shihui, Matthew (at the back!), me and Kennedy

I’ve never seen so many Polaroid shots at an instant! (:

All in all, I was so happy to see the best friend look so happy that day! 😀

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