16 Dec

It’s for FREEDOM that Christ You set us free.. YES exams are over! 😀

And since I finished the paper earlier than the given time,  I headed off to town to wait for Cherie and Shi Hui (who were both late zzzzz ._.)

I decided to head over to Abercrombie & Fitch since the shop opened yesterday, and the previous week saw 32 male models bare-bodied at the top to take photos with people (mainly girls, I swear!) I wanted to go ever since I heard about them, but could only do so on my last paper. Totally hate exams that take place during the Christmas season! :\

But nonetheless, I’m a happy, happy girl because I managed to get photos with 3 cute guys! 😀

The first model I took the professional shot with (:

2nd one, with Shi Hui and Cherie. I think this guy is wayyyyy better-looking! 😀

I think he’s cute! (: Pity I don’t look good thanks to the bad angle, and the lighting totally doesn’t do any justice to the photo :\

Christmas is coming in 8 days time, I can’t wait!

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