Day of getting boxing gloves!

26 Dec

Well, the date and the title of this post gives an idea what day it is today! (:

So much for thinking about going out today, to enjoy the somewhat sunny weather and the very cold wind. In the end I just sat in front of my laptop for most of the day, playing games and basically just slacking online.
Seriously, it’s been a really long time since I’d the chance to do so, since school really drains my energy and brain cells sometimes. In fact when schoolwork comes up, there could be a time lapse of almost a month between updates, that’s how extreme it could go sometimes!

Somehow, I don’t really feel much, except for a mixture of feeling of contentment and also, a feeling that I could’ve done something more useful, like trying to learn the guitar. I really need someone to teach me the guitar soon! šŸ™‚


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