Looking back at 2011.

26 Dec

2011 flew by way too fast! 3 semesters flew just like that, and it’s kind of left me gaping in wonder at how incredibly fast time can just pass.

With the first 2 sems in the year going by with below-average GPAs, it left me upset with myself and wondering what I could do to improve on it, to get it up to the safe range. It’s extremely dissatisfying to have your GPA fall below average, especially when everyone around you is doing way better than you!

Sometimes I wonder whether turning 21 has played a part too, in honesty.

Everyone goes on about how turning 21 = adulthood. Fair point there! But after all, age is just a number, and some people who’re younger can actually be more matured, either due to life experiences or family upbringing. Most likely, it’d be a combination of both factors I guess?

Perhaps, turning 21 made me a tad wiser to the world, though it’s definitely safe to say that I’ve still much to learn, and that what I do know now is merely just a drop in the ocean. Though turning 21 did make me resolve to be more matured, to handle things more responsibly and to be more focused on schoolwork too.

In large part, I’m extremely thankful that my 4th sem in UB has made me wise up in my work, and also, thanks to the fact that I didn’t have horrible modules that would drag down my GPA, I actually did way better than expected in school! (: All glory to Him!

Another thing that I’m really thankful for, is my cell group W398 🙂 From the time I came in last year, it’s been an amazing journey, getting to know more people, knowing a lot more about the Word of God, and how awesome His grace is. And now as the year comes to an end, what I’d really want is to know even more about the Word of God, and also, be way more disciplined in prayer and reading the bible (something that’s been a lot more consistent ever since the inflection journal was given to us during service! (: )
It used to be W398+N385 (I came into W398 straight back then), then we multiplied a few months later. N385 soon became W557, yet we all still remained as close, because it’s the people in it that make the biggest difference (: W378 soon joined W398, and we kind of combined together for meetings, and new friends came in as well for all 3 cell groups (: So now from my perspective, it’s 3 cell groups, but we’re all in a way merged into a big, happy family (: They’re so much my spiritual family, that I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. They’ve encouraged me so much, guided me along the way, had bible studies, fellowshipped together, literally everything that I can think of!

UB clique has also been a major part of my life too, hanging out together in between classes, occasional lunches and dinners (though not that often for me ’cause I stay in the west and most of the clique are east-siders). For the amount of laughter, joy, poking fun at, it has always made me smile just thinking about it

Cherie and Shi Hui, the 2 most awesome best friends I’ve had, since my JJC days. Of course, not forgetting May Ching, Hema and Grace too! (: Even though I don’t see May Ching and Grace that often due to crazy conflicting schedules, they’re still very much a part of my life too. Cherie especially, because she’s the one who brought me back into church and into W398 (: Shi Hui, ’cause we understand each other pretty well, we all can yak on and on about anything and everything under the sun!

Though of course, there’re the down moments too – not doing as well as expected in sems 2 and 3, and not being able to get into choir ministry ’cause I failed the auditions. Well, I conclude that I don’t really have good vocals despite having musical background! It’s pretty ironic somehow that you can tell what note is being played, yet can’t sing it accurately!

I learnt also, to take things in my stride, and not to let things get me down so easily. Especially since there’re people who could really rile me and test my patience to the highest level. I know that by nature I’m a pretty tolerant person, but sometimes when the limit is hit, it’s little wonder that I’d get incredibly irritated and I tend to rant like no one’s business when that happens.

For everything, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for everything! Most importantly, I give all the glory and thanks to Christ, for without Him, I really wouldn’t know how I’d survive through all the trying times that I’ve been through.

The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.
– Exodus 15:2 (NIV)

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