那些年, 我们一起追的女孩.

28 Dec

Easily the best movie I’ve watched in my whole life! I know this is a pretty extreme description, but seriously speaking, this movie makes all the others that I’ve watched so far (romance related) pale a lot in comparison.

It’s one that’s really heartwarming, especially in terms of the guys’ antics – similar to what most guys in secondary school would do (: The clowning around, pranking and slacking off in class, attracting girls’ attentions are really secondary school-ish and really made me laugh a lot during the movie.

Simple love story, but the plot is very unlike the standard love-triangle style, which makes it all the more refreshing. Perhaps it’s also partly because of the fact that the movie is a real-life story, from the director’s point of view (:

It really brought back a lot of memories of my own Commonwealth and JJ days, even though the extent of clowning obviously wasn’t that extreme. It also brought back the times when we were wondering what our next step would be after getting O and A level results, what we would do in our lives in the near future.

It also made me realize how life may not turn out the way you want it to be, that even if things don’t work out, we’d still be grateful for the people around us back then, who made our lives the way they are today.  After all, they’re the ones that were a major part of school days, that reinforce the memories within us and make us look back with nostalgia and wistful smiles.

To me, there’s no really suitable word that can describe just how awesome this movie is,  but 4 words I can use to describe it in general: Heartwarming, humorous, nostalgic and touching. (:

* In general, I hardly ever rave about movies! Even for the Harry Potter installments which were wildly popular a few months back, I also didn’t really rave that much, other than saying that the movies in the installment were worth the watch. Furthermore, while I also watch the Twilight Saga (though I didn’t catch Breaking Dawn part 1 YET), I didn’t exactly go totally gaga over  it  too. Perhaps it’s just me, usually minimizing stuff and not going overly crazy about it.

Seriously, this movie beats all other movies I’ve watched hands down. I now finally understand why everyone’s been raving about this movie, and why they say that it’s one that can bring back a lot of memories of school days. The movie really says it all. Just thinking about it makes me smile too. And hey, the lead actor is pretty good-looking too! (:

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a 5/5 popcorn rating! 😀 It’s really a strongly-recommended must-watch movie, and I was really, really lucky I managed to catch it at GV Vivo today because it’s the last day of the movie screening there, all other GV cinemas aren’t screening it anymore and it was also my last chance to use my 1 remaining GV movie voucher too, since it expires on 31st December! Other cinemas are still screening the movie too, and it’s actually pretty long already, since the movie itself was released around mid-November.

The movie theme song itself, 那些年 is now on replay mode  ever since last night, when I went to find the song online. After watching the movie, I came home to download the song and since then it’s on loop on my iTunes! (: Next on my bucket list: Get hold of the piano score for this song, and pick up the guitar!

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