Looking back at 2011, looking forward to 2012.

31 Dec

In the sudden blink of an eye, it’s already the end of the year. Once again, it’s left me marveling at how incredibly fast time has passed.

I’d try to go through significant events/milestones in chronological order as much as possible!

1. Going through 3 semesters in a year.

Tough on me, because I’m in UB and unfortunately not in NUS/NTU/SMU. And I feel it only fair to say that going through a COMPULSORY summer sem while seeing your NUS/NTU/SMU counterparts on holiday really sucks, ’cause you’re miserably staring at your books while everyone’s on holiday! :\ The first 2 sems in year 2011 were kind of the pits, mainly because of perception psych in sem 2, and biopsych in sem 3 (summer sem). It really dragged down my GPA big time because I have zero bio background and studying this was extremely trying. From then on, I kind of came to the conclusion that I have no affinity with bio, because it really doesn’t make much sense to me. Perhaps if I’d taken bio back in secondary school and JC, I might not have struggled so  much!

I’m extremely thankful that for my 4th sem (3rd semester in 2011), I only had 3 modules, and they were thankfully not modules that would threaten to drag down my GPA. For the first time since uni started, my GPA exceeded my expectations, though I’d say that I definitely could have done better, especially since I was very close to As. Talk about a case of being so near yet so far! All glory to Christ though, this time I really prayed on it, worked my best to get decent grades and managed to strike a pretty decent balance between cell group, fellowship, service, giving tuition, studies and my free time.

2. Getting much closer to cell group than before. (Honestly, I’m not too sure where to rank this because the cell group has been a big part of my life since the time I came in, and events in church have been numerous!)

They’re so much a part of my life, I really can’t imagine what I’d be like if I hadn’t gotten the chance to know the cell group! This is in large part thanks to the best friend, who brought me in last year, especially since I hadn’t been attending my previous church for a period of time. It could be safely said that the best friend brought me back to Him, in a way (: From then on, somehow I feel that I’ve changed a little, perhaps more on the positive aspect? Though I’d say there’s definitely much that can be improved on, because after all no one is perfect and everyone desires to be better in some ways 🙂

Moments with the cell group have been very memorable and crazy, and more often than not, laughter-inducing! Easily the funniest bunch of people I’ve met in my life, and who never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I think of it 🙂


CHC’s 22nd anniversary, when we all came together as nerds, in full force. Yes, with nerdy glasses, pigtails, centre partings for the guys, school uniforms, high socks!

SOT Graduation Ceremony 2011 (:

Candlelight 2011 🙂

Appreciation steamboat dinner at Peter’s place! 😀

3. Officially entering the time of adulthood.

Yep, 21 – the major milestone yet! Lepak Club and cell group turned up in full force, some of my 07S34 classmates came too, and of course, family.


4. Conquering my first half marathon.

I did it! Didn’t take part in Sundown 21km this year, but went for Stand Chart 21km instead. More time to train up in a way! (: It was physically very painful on my legs, especially my thighs, and the deep heat gel was used up VERY fast by many other runners. In fact it actually annoyed me at 1 point in time when a helper squeezed out a very big gob of deep heat gel on a wooden spatula, for runners to get it to dab on their legs, and I actually saw 1 runner take so much of it that there was not much of it left when it was finally my turn. Surely a bit of consideration for other runners would be good too?

Also,  I really felt the presence of God during the 11-16km stretch, when there were no distance markers because at that point we were running along the expressway (1 lane was set aside for the runners) and there was insufficient space to place the distance markers. I was feeling the ache big time in my legs, especially since I felt I was running aimlessly,  with no distance marker to tell us how far we’d run. Meeting 2 friends in the course of the run was fun too, and I slowed down to a walk to chat with them (which I think is also part of the reason why my legs were aching like mad). When the ache was becoming nearly unbearable, I saw this guy who was running a little ahead of me, with Ecclesiastes 9:11 written on his bib that was pinned to the back of his running singlet. That verse gave me more strength, and that extra shred of hope, and eventually I managed to pick up my pace a little bit more, though obviously slower than my starting speed.

Finished with a time of 3 hours and 18 minutes, which was slower than my targeted time of 3 hours. But surprisingly for the first 10km, my timing improved considerably compared to Sundown and Stand Chart 10km last year! 🙂 Perhaps it was that last stretch that drained me out totally.

I realized how good God is, with His protection over me, especially after the race, when I heard that there was a 22-year-old guy from SMU who took part in 21.1km too, but died shortly after completing the race. At that point in time, the first thing going through my mind was: ‘Thank God.’ I was literally praising God so fervently, because it could’ve happened to me too. And it also taught me the fact that life is fragile and short.

In every victory, let it be said of me
My source of strength, my source of hope, is Christ alone 

As I end off this post, the lyrics above are from the song ‘In Christ Alone’, which was sung during SOT 2011 graduation ceremony this year. It brought a tear to my eye, strengthened my faith in Him, and knew that He’s the one who guides us through everything in life.

Cheers for a better 2012, for an even better GPA, a much stronger relationship in Christ, family and friends, and conquering a full marathon eventually!

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