W398+W378 Appreciation Dinner + Gift Exchange

31 Dec

It was the good old cell group fellowship, in steamboat style, where it’s merry all around the table (we had to split into 2 batches ’cause the table unfortunately wasn’t big enough to accommodate 14 people),  with jokes and laughter bursting out every few seconds (: And of playing Monopoly Deal and Upwords (yes, very old school game indeed!)

Thanks Peter, for hosting us! 🙂

We also had a belated Christmas gift exchange and had a toast the traditional way to usher in 2012! 😀

Peter made this salmon soup with scallop stock, it was extremely addictive and not to mention, mouthwatering!

Hema looks as though she can’t wait to feast hahaha!

Catfish! It was pretty good, especially once cooked on the hot plate :d

Tom Yum soup! The usual fare that most people will attack whenever it’s steamboat time (:

What happens when the camera is in the best friend’s hands again HAHA!

First batch of us who attacked the steamboat! 🙂

2nd batch’s turn, finally (:

Lava’s tummy. FYI, it’s real! No pillow under his shirt or anything! xD

Cherie and Xuefang

Joy and Kitty

1 word: YUM!

Uniquely shaped guitar (the back of the guitar is rounded rather than flat)

Radiation-contaminated water. HAHAHA I kid.

Thanks Kitty, for the Danish cookies and sweets! 🙂

I also want a Three Thirty shirt too!

Heyyyyyy-ma! 😀

Great buddy, Lava 😀

Jenna and Cherie 🙂

Cheers to a better 2012, the traditional Yam Seng way! 😀

Cherie! ❤

W398+W378! 😀 though it wasn’t full force, some were sick/stuck in camp.
Look at Jie Xiang’s face HAHAHAHA.

Disclaimer: full cell group photo is actually a photo of a printed photo! Original shot is from Peter’s DSLR (: This was the best I could take with my own digital cam (:

I’ve said this before, and I’d say it again: Cell group is my spiritual family, very much like my second family! Love you guys to bits! 🙂

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