Resolutions of 2012.

01 Jan

It’s really amazing how time flies, seriously speaking. In honesty I can’t believe it’s 2012 already! Though I still have my blur moments too, by saying ‘last year’ when I’m referring to events that took place in 2010 -_- But then again, I think it does happen to many other people too, so I shall console myself with that thought too heh.

Sometimes I make New Year’s resolutions, sometimes I don’t. I made it for last year, so I figured I’d do the same for 2012 too!

12 resolutions for 2012:

1. Further strengthen my faith in Christ and walk more closely with Him.
2. Be much more sensitive to other people’s feelings, and be more appreciative of what people have done.
3. Do well in all my subsequent semesters in school!
4. Be disciplined in tithing (can be way more disciplined than back in 2011) and save up for grad trip.
5. Start serving in a ministry in church soon! Really praying and trusting God that He’d lead me along the right way, to serve Him in the best way possible.
6. Conquer a full marathon – Standard Chartered 42.195km (And Sundown 21km too!)
7. Pick up the guitar! That’s 1 thing that I’ve been telling myself frequently ever since I got a guitar for my 21st from Lava, and I really must put it to good use and NOT let it collect dust. After all, I also want to be able to learn how to play worship songs and other pop songs on it too, other than on the piano.
8. Work hard for my piano teaching diploma.
9. Be very disciplined in balancing my studies, tuition, cell group, fellowship, church, family, leisure, (future) ministry and (future) relationship.
10. Get back in really good shape physically!
11.  Speak to my future in whatever I do, and at the same time work hard too
12. Love everyone around me, treasure my loved ones – family, cell group, friends.

In honesty, there’s 1 more too, but it’s a personal one to me so I won’t share it here. And since the quota of 12 has been hit (on here at least), it’s going to be left as it is.

And I saw this while blog-hopping earlier and it really speaks volumes, especially since it’s a message that has been preached a few times before.

If you want God to knock on your door, go knock on His. Give, and you shall receive.

God, from the bottom of my heart, I give you all the glory and thanks for a rollercoaster year of 2011 – all the funny, happy, sad (somehow I can’t seem to find other words to describe how 2011 has been) memories. You once again have showed me how truly good You are, and that You would never forsake us.

It is Your love, it is Your mercy
New every morning, unfailing
It is Your word, it is Your presence
Unfailing, are You Lord Jesus 

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