Seeing Jay Chou in person again, for the 3rd time.

18 Jan

Yes, my 3rd time seeing Jay in person, and once again at a movie promotion session. I totally should have gone to vivo to see him instead of Bugis ’cause the crowd at Bugis was totally mad, I was literally squeezed left right front back by ATs.
And that was once again, a time when I wished I was taller/on stilts ’cause SO many people’s arms/iPhones/cameras blocked my view of him! >: though I did manage to get a few decent shots of him! 🙂
Not to mention, incredibly humid and hot too. In part due to the weather lately, but mainly due to fact that I was really being squeezed. And Jay only stayed for 15minutes! :/
Hopefully I’d get luckier the next time, and that when I do see him again it’ll be at a concert!
Photos up soon!  Photos up now!

The clearest photo I could get of him! Man, it’s really difficult to get good photos when I’m so short, standing quite a distance back, and when people’s hands/cameras/iPhones block my view!

I decided not to upload the rest ’cause they’re pretty dark and some aren’t very clear too. It’s very annoying when my view keeps getting blocked! Especially when there was a guy whose height is basketballer-worthy and he was standing in front of me zzzzz.

I’ve to admit that this time round when I saw Jay Chou, my excitement level wasn’t as high as I’d thought it would be, considering how the last time he was in town, I was a total nut about it and was really disappointed that I missed his most recent concert in 2010. Somehow it made me wonder if I’ve become jaded and a bit old. And I was extremely irritated by the cheena people squeezing all around me and some of them really have very bad body odor! Not to mention the fact that the weather has been insanely humid lately and the air feels really heavy too, especially since the Bugis venue was held outdoors (since there’s no space in the air-conditioned area).

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