Happy Dragon Year!

24 Jan

It’s the time of getting hongbaos (well I’m sure EVERYONE looks forward to this the most!) and spamming of pineapple tarts+bak kwa! 🙂

Didn’t take that many photos though during the first 2 days, but before that I did go to Chinatown to get a bit of CNY and snapped some photos there too!


Cindy hosted us on Friday night for cell group reunion dinner+louhei! 😀

The people who never fail to make me smile,  W398+W378 😀

Day 1 of CNY wasn’t exactly enjoyable, because for some reason that I can’t explain, I had a very bad night’s sleep and I woke up feeling extremely nauseous at the throat area.. Needless to say, I threw up twice 😦 And it made me extremely weak and tired the whole day, but thankfully we only went visiting in the late afternoon so I basically spent most of  my afternoon on day 1 sleeping.

Day 2: Much more enjoyable ’cause I was rid of the nausea (and suspected flu from day 1)! Had great fun talking to neighbors, cousins and some other relatives earlier at my aunt’s place (: and later off to Tabs’ place to mug. Talk about nerd alert zzz. But nonetheless, we made up for it by walking to BPP for gongcha from her place, and back again. And we had 1 of our usual heart-to-heart talks too! Even though the area around us was kinda blah, and not to mention mosquito-bite-inducing (I had 2 big ones, 1 on the back of my thigh and the other on the back of my arm -_-), we still talked on and on. The company’s always awesome! (:

In many ways, I’m so glad I’ve Tabs and Sabby as my cousins, even though Sabby is now back in Wisconsin for school (her 1st day of school is on CNY day 1 omg that’s super sucky!!). In part because our ages are stair-steps, with me being the middle one, but also because there’re many things that we can relate very easily to in life, can talk to one another about anything and everything, and also, we all major in the same course in uni! 🙂
My mum always said that I was lucky, because it’s somewhat uncommon to have cousins to be so close.

Hopefully CNY next year will be better! 🙂 I’ve been unlucky to get the throwing up syndrome for 2 years running and that seriously sucks 😦

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