It is Your love, it is Your mercy.

27 Jan

What stretches from the east to west
What’s higher than the heaven’s height
What’s deeper than the oceans wide
Whats greater, what’s greater

What brightens up the darkest times
What softens all the wounded hearts
What covers, forgives the greatest sins
What’s greater, what’s greater

It is Your love, it is Your mercy
New every morning, unfailing
It is Your word, it is Your presence
Unfailing are You Lord, Jesus

At this very late timing of 258AM, ‘What’s Greater’ is playing on my iTunes.

I have many different kinds of songs to accompany me through the night whenever I’m staying up late to study or just to play games online, but praise and worship songs still are my best companions ever, besides Westlife (;

If I didn’t remember wrongly, this song was actually from Children’s Church, but it’s also on the devotional album too now.

It’s really comforting to listen to worship songs late at night, it’s as though God is right beside me whenever I listen to them at anytime of the day and it soothes me in every way possible.
I could have everything in life, but without Him, life would ultimately be empty and meaningless.

No wonder people always say that Christianity is not a religion, but it’s a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, our Father and Savior.

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