SOT consideration.

31 Jan

I really should be sleeping now in honesty, because I have a full day of school from 0830-1700 tml (well, technically today), and CHC campus meeting in the evening. How I survive my Mondays and Wednesdays is a miracle, by God’s grace. Especially my Mondays, because I give tuition as well in addition to having a full day of school and I usually feel very brain-fried by the time 5pm rolls by.

I was blog-hopping while taking a break from staring at cognitive psych,  and I came across this quote which is really very true, and it really spoke out to me.

Just like a fire, we cannot stop burning, we cannot stop desiring for God. 

It hit me really hard when I saw this. Especially when I had been reflecting on whether I ought to sign up for SOT next year.

From what people have been telling me about SOT, it seems like a blast to me, a lot of fun, yet it’s also the place where much is learned about Him and life, and that you can take away a lot of life lessons from SOT too.

The thought has occurred to me for a while already, but has come back to me once again last week, and right now.

Dear Lord, I pray for a direction about this. If it’s in Your will, I will go for it. Not my will, but Your will be done.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

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