Three Thirty!

04 Feb

Sometime back(around January period!), ThreeThirty had this thing where people can retweet/share on Facebook their latest updates, videos and all, in order to stand a chance to win a free t-shirt.

And so… For the month of January, I was the lucky winner! 😀 I totally didn’t expect it, and plus the fact that I’ve been retweeting and sharing their stuff online, I kind of forgot about this contest too until Tuesday, when it popped up on my Echofon mentions list that I was the winner.

Have gotten the shirt already from Matthew earlier before service, and am loving it! 🙂 though I think I could do with some more weight lost, in order to carry off the shirt better 🙂

He must increase, but I must decrease.
– John 3:30

Noah’s Ark!  (I know I look cui, tired eyes! :\)

Was showing this shirt to Tab when I got to her place on Saturday, and she immediately recognized that it was Noah’s Ark, despite the fact that she isn’t a Christian and that she might not have read the Bible, since Noah’s Ark is mentioned in the Old Testament. 🙂

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