Not by my will, but Yours be done.

27 Feb

I guess it’s pretty much confirmed for me – School Of Theology 2013.  Though what’s left are to seek my parents’ approval, and to ensure that my timetable for my last semester in school will not clash with SOT or anything. And if need be, overload on modules during my 2nd last sem in August.

The thought of it has been going through my mind lately, and when I was surfing Facebook earlier, I happened to chance on someone’s profile and found out from his photos that he’d been through SOT before starting university and he’s my age too.
And I’ve noted before that most people generally go through SOT before starting university, or before enlisting into the army.

It might seem like a really daunting experience, especially with the preaching tests, mock CGs, mission trips and all the assignments. Furthermore, I’m not exactly the kind who’s bold enough to speak out loud to a big group at 1 shot, and I have a tendency to speak a tad too fast when I’m nervous! D:

Everyone who has been through SOT have told me that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and that it’s really memorable, faith in Him has been strengthened much more..
Yes, like I mentioned above, it’s going to be a daunting challenge. But if I don’t take it up, I might live to regret it.

Like what Pastor Phil Pringle (If I remember correctly!) preached before: The opportunity of a lifetime lasts for the lifetime of an opportunity.

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