Happy Leap Year 2012!

29 Feb

Today’s date is significant since it occurs only once in 4 years, just like Olympics and World Cup (:

As of now, I’m in school waiting for prejudice psych to start, and just feeling a little tired because I only got 5 hours or so of sleep. But nonetheless I shall not complain, because today’s weather is once again, beautiful (:

Last night was crazy (not in the literal sense), but just a good sense of crazy!

Was supposed to meet the old friend for dinner at Holland V Crystal Jade, because he wanted to eat xiaolongbaos and so there we were!
Holland V somehow shrunk, because we both ended up seeing quite a number of familiar faces there (:

I met Li Ying, Chin Hian and Yongjun at Holland V Starbucks because I was actually intending to study there for a little while, before meeting the old friend for dinner. At least I got a tiny little bit of work done there, until Kennedy tweeted to Li Ying and I that his workplace was at Holland V too, so Li Ying, me and her friend Yi Da (yay 1 new friend made!) went there to find him and have a few laughs and caught up with each other (:

And dinner.. Ate quite a lot once again, but really enjoyed! šŸ˜€


Major coincidence after dinner: old friend and I were walking around Holland V for dinner for the sake of digestion, and we met Dina (my secondary school friend) and her boyfriend. And it turns out that old friend knows her boyfriend! THE WORLD IS SO SMALL. And on top of that, old friend met a number of his friends from NTU as well.

It actually was pretty fun, considering that it was a weeknight. And yes, I know I’m nuts to go out on a weeknight, especially when I have a morning class the next day. But I honestly wouldn’t mind having many more days like this! (:

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