Rants: When it’s all jumbled up.

15 Mar

Yes, it’s been a VERY long while (almost 2 weeks) since I last updated. 

This post is going to be just about some rants, so please pardon me if they appear jumbled up/slightly incoherent, ’cause I do want to get it down and blow off some steam, after a somewhat trying week (though thankfully not as trying+tiring compared to the first round of midterms!)

2nd round of midterms have once again, drained most of my brain cells, and I still have another one next Wednesday. Oh well, such is life of a university student. 

I’m immensely thankful that this 2nd round of midterms have been better than what I expected! I had an abnormal psych paper this afternoon, and the moment I saw the questions, I was mentally thinking ‘Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.’ 1 of the few times I ever managed to complete a paper within an hour! Not that I mean to brag, but usually I don’t dare to leave the room if it’s within the hour ’cause I’m always worried that I shaded the wrong option on the scantron form, I’d always keep checking at least 3 time just to be really on the safe side. 

I just feel extremely UN-motivated to get started on UGC, even though I’ve an assignment for it due on Monday and the midterm is on Wednesday evening. I think I just developed a hate affair for evening exams. 😦 And honestly, not that I want to whine, but having an 830AM class ALL the way until 5, then evening exam – how is it possible that you don’t develop a hate affair for evening exams!?

Recently, I realized something about myself that has probably been there all along, but something happened that made it much more prominent, and I’m not exactly sure if it’s considered a good thing or not, character wise.
Somehow, I felt that I’ve become increasingly no-nonsense, and I really hate it if people blabber away about something, but have little substantial value in the points they’re trying to bring across.  

There’s this girl in my prejudice psych class, whom I’ve considered to be a little.. too expressive of her opinions? I don’t deny that it’s good to air your opinions once in a while in class, especially since it might make room for other interesting revelations. But it gets really annoying when you’re doing it just for the sake of participation points. 

Point I’m trying to bring across: If you want to say something, at least think it through before you say it! It’s very irritating to others when you blabber on and on, until it doesn’t even seem to make sense.

I kind of tuned out of the lesson mentally on Monday, because I was more worried about abnormal psych and was frantically typing out notes for it and trying to be a good student too by attempting to listen (the very minimum I could do to be a tad respectful). When it came to a discussion part, somehow the topic about lion/dragon dance came up, as well as the topic of Friday prayers for Muslims.
This girl said some stuff about lion dance that kind of irked me, even though I wasn’t fully paying attention. But what she said caught my attention, and instantly annoyed me.
I shall not post up whatever that was said because I can’t remember her exact train of thoughts, and I don’t really want to wreak havoc by saying something and ending up with the realization that I’d taken things out of context.
Why I got so irritated was really because she was starting to babble on and on about something related to lion dance, and she was clearly going off the point on prejudice and stereotyping.

I mean, if you don’t have anything that’s of substantial value, for God’s sake, DON’T SAY IT. It’ll only make you the butt of criticism if it continues on, and I’m sure no one appreciates being laughed at for something you said (unless it’s in a humorous context of course!)

Maybe it’s me being a tad angsty, but then again, I’m pretty sure no one would like it if someone goes on and on but has little substantial value in their word.  

Conclusion: Words are so cheap, it’s almost free. 
Moral of the story: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Is that so hard to do!? 

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