16 Mar

Something that we all want in life.

Love = Being comfortable with your other half.

Love = Unconditional. If love was based on terms of conditions, would that be called love?

Love DOESN’T necessarily equal sex. Sure, sex is a part of love, that’s an undeniable fact. But what can make me sick are the instances of rape and prostitution, especially when you see it in the news/read them in psychological case studies.

Love = Being accepting of the other’s flaws. They might be pet peeves, yes, but if you can’t accept a little flaw, is that considered a good thing? Would that be considered love? If even little stuff like that can’t be overcome, I highly doubt it’s called love.

Love = The feeling you get when you feel appreciated, be it by friends, family or other acquaintances. In life, we always need that bit of love. Life would be pretty meaningless without love, yes?

Love = GOD. God loves us, He never forsakes us, He’s there for us no matter what happens. 

I guess there’s really no 1 definite way to define love. In fact many people express it in different ways – some people express it freely through hugs and kisses, some express it by little acts of kindness, gifts.. There’s really no fixed way in defining it!

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