Intellectual – What I Like.

25 Mar

In recent times in school, I realize that I like it when people are intellectual, or at the very least, have put some thought into what they want to say in class before saying it.

I really (and I mean REALLY) hate it when people rattle on and on in class, but what they say has very little substantial value, to the extent that they’re literally airing their grievances in class. You could literally hear the angst in their tone, as far as I’m concerned.

It absolutely irritates me, because I’m not the kind who likes to listen to this stuff in a classroom basis. I don’t mind if someone personally wants to share their woes with me, ’cause I like to lend a listening ear, to make people feel better. But on an academic basis, if you have nothing remotely substantial to say, it would really be better to not say anything at all. You wouldn’t like people to laugh at you behind your backs, yes?

Was on my way back with Li Ying after service yesterday, and we were sharing our woes of listening to this kind of people go on and on in class. And realized that we actually have a pretty common viewpoint, of having little patience for this type.

I guess it’s understandable when people are angsty about something in general, but to air them in class just doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

Yes, I’m aware that I’ve actually expressed my annoyance about this kind of people in a previous post.  But my point here is that I really like it when people are intellectual – smart in terms of academic and knowing about the ways of the world, spirituality and all that. And of course, not being arrogant about it! You could be intellectual, but as far as I’m concerned, if you get too conceited about your knowledge, it eventually will come back to you one day.

After all, what goes around comes around.

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