Of post-exams!

28 Apr


Yes, exams were over since Friday! So thankful that it’s all over!

And it officially concludes year 2.

In the process of all the hardcore mugging, new friendships formed too. (: and for that, I’m so thankful, and immensely blessed.

Alcoholics and Xue Zhi! (:

Despite all the hardcore cramming of facts and figures into the head, fretting over notes in the laptop/hard copy and textbooks in Holland V Starbucks/SMU, we still managed to clown around occasionally, laugh at the stupidest of things ever, and ate 🙂

And dinners at SMU Koufu (’cause we were cheapskates and were lazy to go out of SMU to eat – save for Tuesday night when we went to Bava Fresh/Flash(?) for burritoes, and Li Ying and I ended up watching the guys eat instead ’cause we had severe dairy overdose thanks to iced coffee (me)/tea (her), yogurt+cereal parfait and Mr Bean soya bean milk), and the zi char at Holland V with Li Ying, Yi Da and Xue Zhi. Yes, we really know how to eat. And the mee goreng there is so nice, I wouldn’t mind eating it all over again!

In honesty, I think I’d really miss the times we spent hardcore mugging there, from the time I got to know some of the Alcoholics (Chin Hian and Yong Jun) then from there knowing the others and managing to strike up an easy friendship (: Especially ’cause most of the Alcoholics are graduating this year, save for Li Ying and me.

Such is life, I guess. But the good thing is, at least we can always meet up every now and then to chill and have fun (:

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