07 Aug

This is 1 really belated post, because events and exams in Summer 2 have caught up with me, so here goes a spamming of posts!

Jeremy and I went to the zoo a couple of days after he got back from Sipadan, so suffice it to say that we spent the entire day together that day, since I had no school that day and he was on leave to rest after his diving trip.

So it was Hatched at Holland V for breakfast first!

Burly Benedict – mine!

Sir Benedict – Jeremy’s!

And we hit the zoo.. I snapped too many photos  and I really am very lazy to upload everything here so I’d only upload the more noteworthy ones.

Beautiful white tiger (:

The description for the red-footed tortoise cracked me up big time. Making clucking noises like a chicken HAHAHAHAHA.

Now I know. LOL.

Despite Jem’s and my efforts at calling and whistling, this peacock still refused to show off its glory :\

And this is the reason why the lion is the king of the jungle.

The zebra enclosure was seriously very (x35574375972495793275) smelly ._.

:O Humping/sexing it up doesn’t even begin to describe this.

My counterpart!

Hey Jem! ❤ 😀

We drove to Thomson, with no definite plan about what to eat since at that time it was only 4plus and kind of early dinner. So we walked around trying to decide on a place to eat, and we chanced upon this eatery, Old School Delights.

Vintage camera,  cordless phone, pestle for pounding chilies, tape recorder.. Old school indeed. (Y)

Anyone remembers the countries erasers, five stones, Happy Family, Snakes and Ladders (not shown in this shot ’cause we decided to play it while waiting for our food to come)? 🙂

Chocolate fudge banana cake. Sinful yet yummy (Y) considering that I’m not a fan of bananas, this is something!


The food was average, but the ambiance there was really nice, partially because we were there around 4plus and the eatery was nearly empty. Furthermore it was a normal weekday too, so it was a plus point in terms of peaceful places 🙂 Not to mention that there were books that chronicled famous people, things and events from 1950s-1980s, so we were happily leafing through them and reminiscing about the past and exclaiming over the various things that we knew about 🙂

It’s the moments that we spend together that really mean the most 🙂

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