Long weekends! (and some general thoughts of life)

19 Aug

What everyone looks forward to (: Even though for me, it doesn’t really make much of a difference because I’m still on holiday now until the end of the month, and year 3 of uni kicks off from there.

But to the students and working adults,  it’s definitely an added bonus!

It’s kind of funny, but when I was a student (especially during my O Level and A Level days), long weekends meant extra time to mug and rush against time, because prelims were around the corner, especially when it’s in August. The stress back then and the stress that’s faced as a university student now are 2 totally different things, and if you ask me which kind of stress is better, there’s really no definite answer I could give.

Some people might think that  the stress that was experienced back in O and A Level periods is actually better, because back then the main priority was to do well for prelims, and subsequently for the main exams themselves. Personally, I agree with this, and I’ve had my  ‘I wish I was back in JC again!’ moments. Yep, I’m pretty sure there’re many out there who share the same sentiments (for those who were formerly JC students I mean).

However, the stress as a university student is much more different. Sure, the stresses of studying for finals is pretty much the same as compared to studying for O and A Levels, since after all it’s EXAMS. But the main reason why it’s so different is mainly because 1 module in uni’s covered in the duration of 3-4 months, unlike O and A Levels, where the entire syllabus is covered within the space of 2 years. So you can imagine how it feels like to be a university student sometimes.

Sure, there’re times when we uni people go crazy and just party it out. After all, we’re human too right!

But ultimately, the difference in the stress a university student goes through as compared to an O/A Level student (in my honest opinion) is that for a university student, upon graduation, it’s more or less straight into the workforce already!  Henceforth, there’re a lot of things to consider, like what kind of career you want, what the nature of your ideal job scope is like, what remuneration you want, and the list goes on.

Many people say that being a student is way better than being a working adult, and in honesty I’ve to agree with this too. Most of us youngsters definitely would have worked before, at least before entering university.

But anyway, going back to the point of long weekends, it’s always good to catch up on much-needed rest, studies (for all those who’re having exams now) (:

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