Of quick updates and home-cooked meals!

25 Sep

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I wrote here.

Yes, once again, schoolwork and other stuff have overtaken me. And as of now, I’ve 2 exams on Friday, Li Ying’s dance performance that day, revision to clear.. and the list goes on basically.

J and I have been on a money-saving mission ever since we realized that our expenses have shot up like crazy. So what we did.. was to cook our meals ourselves, watch movies at home and basically eat as cheaply as possible (:

I still remember the first time we attempted cooking, we cooked linguine but for some reason, the consistency of the linguine was weird and we didn’t manage to achieve the al dente consistency that we wanted..

Can’t rotate the photo, but yep, it’s linguine. Its consistency looks like Hong Kong mee though -_- we used red wine, mayonnaise, onion and garlic to cook this, in addition to sausages, definitely. Maybe the way we did it wasn’t right.. ‘Cause it was palatable, albeit a tad too salty.

But thankfully, the next time we tried cooking again, it turned out way better! πŸ˜€ and in part it was possibly because we tried to stick to something simple, but was wholesomely good πŸ™‚ and even his brother reckoned the food looked pretty good too (Y)

Instagram edited! Caesar salad (: A friend mentioned that it looks like a smiley face, which is quite true, considering that I squeezed the honey mustard sauce in a random manner. Perhaps it’s the hard boiled eggs that look like eyes which gave that impression heh.
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg and croutons were used (:
Note: If you can’t get ready-made croutons, what can be done is to just toast a slice (well actually it depends on how many servings you want too) of bread, then cut the toasted bread into small squares (: works really well, and to quote the boyfriend, it looked professionally made when I’d finished cutting it πŸ˜€

Beef, potatoes and chili beans πŸ™‚ Overall, the Caesar salad and the main course was really easy to cook, it took about 45 minutes (mainly because the potatoes took half an hour to boil, and afterward we decided to bake them as well).
Salt and pepper was used to marinate the beef. We actually wanted to use ground black pepper but we realized at the last minute that we didn’t have it, so we made do with normal pepper instead. And when the beef is cooked, its natural juices will ooze out, so that in a way can serve as a ‘gravy’ too heh.
Who says oil must be used to get such good wholesome food? (:

If there’s anything I learnt about being in a relationship, it’s a matter of give and take, trying not to be neutral every time, and most importantly, looking out for each other.

On a side note, eating outside is really expensive – something I’m sure everyone can relate to! 😦 to all the couples out there, if you really want to save money, 1 good way would be to cook your own meals together at home. Ingredients bought to cook whatever you want could well be cheaper than what your main course would cost (of course it depends on what you buy and how much you actually buy!) Another upside about cooking your own meals is that you can control what spices/seasonings/marinates you put into your food, your ideal portions of food πŸ™‚ definitely way healthier than if you eat outside.
Also, cooking together is a great way to bond together, in my personal opinion πŸ™‚

It might not be the same for everyone, ’cause every couple has different dynamics, but to me, cooking together really is a simple way to enjoy each others’ company, hone up each others’ culinary skills, eat healthy and experiment with new dishes each time.. of course, we’re doing our best not to burn the kitchen down! xD

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