Fast cars, getting deafened, Jay Chou, Maroon 5, Katy Perry..

03 Oct

This is a very overdue post! In part because after F1 was over, I had to study real hard for UGC112 and PSY336. Having 2 content-heavy modules is no joke, and it’s not fun at all when the midterms are both on the same day D:

Day 1 was practice day, and JAY CHOU. 😀 Okay, he’s the main reason why we went on Friday night, to be really honest.. Or more like it’s MY reason. HAHA. Nonetheless, it was a trip down memory lane for both of us, even though J isn’t really that big a fan of him as compared to me heh.

跨时代,  爱在西元前, 说好的幸福呢, 惊叹号, 迷魂曲, 超跑女神, 龙巻风, 开不了口, 阳光宅男, 千里之外, 青花瓷, 双截昆, 霍元甲.. Set list for Jay’s performance that night (in random order)! 😀

We missed out on (probably) 3 of the songs, and we reached the stage to hear 说好的幸福呢 being sung.. And my first reaction was ‘It’s F1 and such an emo song is sung!?’
Alright, kind of a blonde moment for me to react in such a way? Heh. When 龙巻风 and 开不了口 came on,  it was excitement maximus somehow, ’cause I really love both songs, not to mention that it brought back memories of my own secondary school days, when I first got to know of his songs 🙂
And yes, fan girl mode was turned on for me, considering how I don’t usually go ballistic over singers and pop stars.. But it’s JAY CHOU! 😀 and both of us were happily singing along to the songs that we knew well. Something to file away as a sweet memory 🙂

But the things which were really bad (and which also can’t be helped) were the extreme crowd and the humidity.. Why must Singapore be so humid!? 😦 no doubt we dressed light, but it still didn’t help much ’cause we were literally being squeezed left right centre and back by the crowd.. Oh well.

And day 2 was even worse in terms of crowd control, especially when it came to Maroon 5, since Maroon 5 (being English, duh) was more likely to appeal to people language wise.

I think what made F1 doubly special this time round (I went for it before in 2010 with family) was that I went with a special someone 🙂 And that both of us were totally jumping, singing and dancing around to Maroon 5’s songs as well, despite the mad humidity.. And he bought ice cream for me too to cool off before the concert itself started! ❤

Kicked off with Payphone, and I can’t remember the general order for the other songs, except that This Love, She Will Be Loved and Moves Like Jagger were the last 3.
Payphone, Don’t You Want Me, Stereo Hearts, One More Night, Wake Up Call, Make Me Wonder,  Sunday Morning, I’ll Never See Your Face Again, Won’t Go Home Without You, Harder To Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Moves Like Jagger – set list for Maroon 5, though I can’t remember how some of them sound like because I initially wasn’t a very big fan of Maroon 5.
Suffice it to say that now I’m a convert, and I can’t stop having their songs on repeat mode. There’s something about their songs that makes them become my earworms, for some reason. 🙂

Managed to record Jay’s performance, but my camera ran out of space for some of Maroon 5’s songs zzzzzzzz so they’re in my phone!

I forgot to snap a photo of Maroon 5 zzzz.

‘Cause baby you’re my firework~
(Despite the fact that we didn’t go for Katy Perry’s concert segment on finale night)

I found out that someone recorded the ENTIRE Maroon 5 performance, so here goes nothing.
Plus the fact that the videos from my own camera are of a crap quality ’cause my hands kept shaking due to me holding the camera up high for too long, and the fact that I’m so short doesn’t help either as people’s hands/cameras kept blocking me -_-

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