08 Oct

If there’s anything that I realized, it’s that positivity really does go a long way. You feel more upbeat, more motivated to get things done, happier and more chatty, and generally, just.. happy.

Somehow, I’ve been feeling this way over the past week, and it’s a really good thing too 🙂 in part, probably because I’d done better than expected for the 1st developmental psych exam despite not studying as much for it as compared to UGC112, ’cause UGC112 stressed me out the most and it’s definitely NOT fun to have 2 content-heavy exams on the same day. It’s mad tiring to wade through so much content in just a few days, so I figured the only way is to be as consistent as possible in revision to save myself from the unwanted stress. Not good at all to be near the breakdown stage, it’s really scary to actually go through that and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight at all to be so stressed out and near to tears due to the pressure.

And sunny weather puts me in a really good mood too! Though of course, if it’s too humid I’d get a tad grouchy.

Most importantly, it’s knowing that you’ve God in your life, and your loved ones close to you, that makes you the happiest 🙂
I was talking to Cherie recently, and I was telling her that I’ve been feeling pretty upbeat and happy lately, and she concluded that it must be God somehow. It’s interesting, and to be really honest that hadn’t been the first thing that came to mind when I was feeling that unexplained joy and upbeat-ness.

1 thing about positivity – it somehow makes me goof off more often, especially when I’m with any of the cell group people or J. And yes, I think I might have talked a tad too much..? Might have to keep that in control!

And above all, happiness is contagious. It’s hard to keep it to yourself, ’cause eventually your mannerisms caused by your mood will spill over and affect the others around you too.

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