FREEDOM! And of 12/12/12 too.

12 Dec

Yes, you read that right! Freedom! 😀

I’ve been a little slow, cos exams actually ended on the 10th for me. Indeed, it seems like finally, especially since being in UB, we follow the US system and their exams at the end of the year are ALWAYS later compared to my fellow NUS/NTU/SMU counterparts. I shall not complain too much, as after all it’s already my last fall semester. If all goes smoothly next sem, it can only mean 1 thing…


It’s totally crazy, how time flies. It felt like yesterday when I started uni for the very first time. In the blink of an eye, 2 years have passed already. Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Met up with J in the evening at JCube for Thai Express, in part cos I’d been craving seafood tomyum soup and green curry for very long already, and the weather was also on the chilly side too (nothing new there, it’s monsoon season now!). It’s always good to spend quality time with J, we can talk freely without worrying that we’d look/sound stupid, and we both like dogs a lot. Thank God for you in my life. (: ❤ We hopped on 176 after dinner toward his place, and yep, that was our first bus ride together, cos usually he drives, and if he doesn’t it’s always MRT/cab, especially after drinks. That few hours together is always a good thing, to relax, unwind, talk about both current affairs and light-hearted issues..

And it’s 12/12/12! (: That date where many people get married/engaged. And this kind of date will never be seen again until 89 years later.. By then most of us probably would not even be alive anymore. :O

Somehow, while I see the fun in snapshooting 12/12/12, 12:12 on the phone, it also got me reflecting over something as well. The fact that many people choose this kind of dates to marry/get engaged.. I’m not sure if it’s me, but it gives me the impression that it lacks originality. Imagining so many people having the same anniversary. Somehow I think it takes the fun out of it in the long run. Wouldn’t it be better to get into a relationship or get married/engaged on a date that’s more unique to the couple itself?  Something that holds a tremendous significance to them in the hearts (:


On a side note, I know my page seems to be barren of pictures lately, in part because I don’t take photos that often, and when I do it’s in my iPhone 4, and there’s a problem transferring them via USB from phone to laptop 😦 And so it seems that the only way to put up photos from the phone would be to blog from my phone itself.. So I guess, til then!
Will be back with more foodie photos (I shall just admit that I have been pigging out lately!). It’s time to celebrate in the festive season too.. Candlelight service this Saturday, Christmas services next weekend, Christmas dinner with family and J+Christmas feast with J and our friends on Christmas eve, dimsum together on New Year’s Eve.. I think the only thing that won’t be happy this festive season is my weighing scale. Oh well!

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