Candlelight 2012 (:

20 Dec

Somehow, it’s always Candlelight services that doubly remind me of how God is so good to us, that He’d never forsake us no matter what happens.

In a way, I was in a very relaxed and chill mood for Candlelight this year because I’d just finished exams and everything was going well for me in life, in general.

There’s something about Candlelight services that never fails to warm my heart. I’ve been through 3 Candlelight services already, and each time I was at a different phase of life. I guess I can say that this year has been one of my better years, in honesty. Finding love, strengthening friendships, getting closer to God, keeping the faith..

Best buddy of 5 years and counting, Cherie (: She’s 1 amazing girl, with a strong spiritual outlook on things, ambitious, cheerful and fun to be with. Can’t believe 5 years have passed since our JJ days!

With fellow W398-ers Cherie, Li Ying, Peter and Yi Long (:

Cherie and Li Ying! πŸ˜€ You guys have been so amazing, and you guys are truly a great blessing into my life. I’m so thankful for the both of you in my life, where we can talk crap about anything under the sun, and stood by me throughout everything πŸ™‚


With Kitty! (:




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