As 2012 comes to a close..

31 Dec

Every year, I always think that the year will pass by slowly. But I’d always be proven wrong, because it doesn’t pass by slowly, it flies so fast I can barely believe it. And once again, I have to eat my words. Heh!

As 2012 comes to an end, there’s so much to think about, reflect on what I’ve done and should have done throughout the year, and in many ways, I’m so thankful. Especially for the people who stood by me throughout everything, I’m really thankful for you (:

In the university aspect, at least work has gone on relatively smoothly, and I also learnt facts in abnormal and developmental psych that were so interesting and really applicable to everything in life. It’s always fun to learn something that you know you can apply, or at the very least have a good knowledge about, so that it’ll be easier to relate to someone in future, or even just as a casual topic to talk about.

I’m also immensely blessed to have wonderful friends, family and cousins whom I know will be right beside me no matter what happens in life. For that, thank God. His blessings have been so abundant and wonderful upon me, that in everything, I give thanks to You Lord. (:

And it was also the year I ate too much, and went for F1 2012 with someone very dear to me. It also was the first time I saw Jay Chou in a concert setting (cue fangirl scream here!), and seeing Maroon 5 in person!! I have to admit that I’m more of a Jay Chou fan compared to Maroon 5, and before F1 2012 I never really paid that much attention to Maroon 5, though I definitely did hear some of their songs on radio before, like This Love, Moves Like Jagger and Payphone. Suffice it to say that it was listening to Payphone (how can you not know it, when everyone’s talking about it!) that got me hooked onto Maroon 5 subsequently, and F1 was the one that kickstarted the Maroon 5 mania in me (: And after all, jumping+dancing+singing along to Jay Chou and Maroon 5 over a weekend – how often do you get that chance!? 😀

It was also the year that I got a bit more involved in voluntary work – helping out with senior citizens as part of CHC. I always thought that old folks in general were rather hard to handle, that some could be extremely demanding, but I was greatly humbled by the experiences of working with them. All they really want, is just someone who’d be willing to listen to them talk. In general, they’re a hospitable lot of people, which was not what I expected, and in fact it was a very pleasant surprise.

It was from that experience, that I saw true love in the form of an elderly couple in that group of old folk during the crane dance event at RWS. They were always holding hands, never far apart from one another. It really warmed my heart to see them being so loving (:



For Cherie and Li Ying, the best buddies I could ever have. Thank God for you guys, for giving me encouragement and listening to me whine when I encounter problems without complaint. And for being there all the time, you guys are awesome, and I’m always grateful for the both of you in my life (:

For finding another best friend in a male form – Jeremy. For the past 7+ months since we’d been together, I thank God for you, when you entered my life. We walked through many things together hand in hand, we see each other’s good and bad points, and I’m really glad to say that we came out of everything much stronger, and more stable too. You challenged me to be more curious about the things in the world, to not accept things at face value, you also have always been here to reassure me and encourage me on whenever I’m feeling down/tired/stressed/upset, standing by me despite my flaws. There’s so much to be grateful for, but above all, I’m so thankful for you. ❤

God, may 2013 be an even better year ahead, with Your blessings ever abundant upon all of us. Amen.

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