01 Jan

And yes, it’s 2013 already! How time really flies!

May 2013 be an even better year ahead for me, and also to all my loved ones.

It’s really an amazing experience, celebrating New Year’s Eve outside for the first time, and actually seeing fireworks during New Year’s itself (:

In part, what matters the most is that I celebrated it with someone dear to me (: The good end to 2012, and a good way to usher in 2013.

We actually planned to have a picnic, but plan backfired due to the persistent rain.. Dang monsoon season! Not to mention that it was so chilly as well. So we used our backup plan of going to Jewel Box at Mount Faber for drinks, and ice skating+Mac before that.. And I have a tremendous blue-black on my left knee ’cause I was really clumsy and I fell twice 😦 But other than that it was a pretty good workout! Not to mention that I’ve gained quite a bit of weight recently 😦

Our backup plan really went way better than expected, and as the countdown and fireworks began, all the cheering started, couples all around kissed, champagne toasts.. And the live band was really good too!

After the countdown was over, the live band started a song, and we saw this couple actually dance along to the music. What was even more heartwarming was that there were 2 kids at the table next to ours (it was a family actually) who also started to bop along to the music. Super cute!! I couldn’t resist but to take a picture of them ’cause they were so adorable, and 1 of their family members was also recording them on his phone as well.

That kind of moment, when the kids were bopping along, would be the kind that they and their family would look back in fond memory when they get older. :’) Somehow it reminds me of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but the only catch is that nothing untoward (read: slipping and falling) happened, especially when the ground was wet due to the intermittent rain today.

2013 will be a better year ahead!

We decided to bring red wine and disposable champagne flutes for our own toast, before Jewel Box (:

Honey glazed chicken wings

Fried prawn wanton. Sooooo good.

Countdown wouldn’t be complete without champagne!



Bruno Mars worthy, after I happily decided to plunk the hat on his head 😀

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