Gunung Panti 12/13

06 Jan

1 thing I can say about trekking: It’s really a lot harder than it sounds!

In part, because the ground was slippery and muddy at some points during the trek, and when we were going downhill in the afternoon to head back to our starting point, I actually slipped and fell at 1 point, but I just resolutely dusted myself off and forged on ahead, even though I was desperately exhausted and feeling incredibly sticky+gross+disgusting due to the humidity. After all, we were trekking in a tropical rainforest!

I’ve no regrets going on this trip, even though I’m nursing aching stomach muscles and very sore thighs now (no thanks to me being unfit due to the excessive feasting during the festive season).

You know how people say that travelling is education outside of textbooks? I really feel that it’s very true, especially now that I’ve experienced it myself. I learnt even more on endurance and persevering, though long-distance running has taught me how to hang on even though you feel like collapsing from exhaustion. You see things differently when you’re in another country/state, you see how people live, how the layout of the place is like, you see things that you might not have been able to see when you’re in Singapore.

The main highlight of this trekking trip was the firefly boat trip (though I’ve to admit that the seafood dinner caught my eye too when I first saw the itinery hahahaha), and I thought it was really amazing. I’d seen fireflies before when I went to Kukup Island last time, but they were scattered all around and there were so few of them that if I did see something flicker, I’d wonder if it was a trick of my eyes. But this time round at Kota Tinggi, it sure wasn’t the case – the trees around the river were lit by fireflies! And it really looked like LED lights flickering on and off, something like Christmas lights except that the lights were way smaller. When the boat sped through the waters, the sea breeze really felt so good and was absolutely welcoming after the crazy humidity in the day! šŸ™‚

On top of that, Jem pointed out the night skies to me, and I was so astounded by what I saw. The stars really were out in full force tonight, and I even saw the Orion Belt! I think I might have seen Polaris too, but I can’t really be sure ’cause I’ve very little background in astronomy.

The sight of all the stars in the sky suddenly made me realize that God’s creations are so almighty, and that in this trip alone, I’ve seen yet another part of God’s creations, in very different dimensions.

The cruel aspect – in the form of Earth and Mother Nature. The 450m hill and the summit – the view at the top is absolutely amazing, but I didn’t dare to look down for long, in part because I’ve a bit of a fear for heights. I know that bungee jumping is certainly something I would NEVER want to do, because I’m too chicken. Why I said cruel, was in part due to the rough terrain, muddy areas, and the creepy crawlies around. Not to mention the 10m high rock wall that we had to scale in order to get to the summit. I was honestly very scared, because it looked so daunting to me. In truth, I was trying to view it as a running perspective, something along the lines of ‘How difficult can it be to conquer 450m in running?’
Obviously, 450m in running and 450m in climbing is a very stark contrast. In many ways, I really thank God that we all made it through this, even though we definitely fell casualty to leeches! It’s really not fun to have to pluck out leeches, they’re absolutely disgusting and I had 4 come after me zzz, in addition the heel of my left track shoe had blood on it because of the leeches ._.

The beauty aspect – Seeing God’s creations at its most magnificent. The night sky with its constellation of stars, the fireflies – the beautiful aspect of nature. At the point when I saw the stars, I actually teared a bit too, because I really felt the significance of God and how His creations are so majestic.

It’s a pity I don’t have photos to capture the fireflies, in part because photography isn’t allowed and it’s really hard to get good photos in the night as well, even if I could use my iPhone 4 camera.

I’d probably upload the photos here when I’ve more time!

Pictures up!

At the base after we completed our trek šŸ™‚

The leeches were huge after they had their fill (OF OUR BLOOD)! By the way that leech wasn’t in my shoe, thankfully – it was in Eric’s shoe!

Biggest millipede ever seen in our lives, at the summit.


I think we were halfway up to the top..?

Post-trek seafood dinner! šŸ˜€

Impromptu brought to a whole new level: After our seafood dinner, Ernest (1 of the guys in the group) suggested extra food like Ramly’s, dessert.. We walked past a dessert shop when exploring the Kota Tinggi streets so we decided to stop by for desserts before we got on the boat for the firefly sight-seeing!
That’s Oreo with milk flakes – refreshingly awesome, and soooooo good. Pity I didn’t finish it though, as I really wanted to slowly savor it, but unfortunately time wasn’t on our side.

Uniquely colored+flavored egg tarts! (:

Before we got on the boat for our firefly sight-seeing!


When we were on the bus, on our way back to JB after it all šŸ™‚

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