Of O Level results.

10 Jan

If you guys have been keeping up with local news, you’d know that today’s the release of O Level results – aka D-Day for the JC/poly/ITE-to-be students. 

7 years have passed since I got back my own O Level results (now you guys will have known my age!), and I’m just amazed at how fast time has flown, in honesty. I still remember the anxiety I had too back when I was waiting for my own results, at the new campus of Commonwealth Secondary. 

I did well enough to go to a decent junior college, so I was pretty glad about it, considering I didn’t do very well for prelims – A Maths and Physics were my banes back then!

Release of O Level results = the decision to head into which JC/poly/ITE, depending on how well/badly you did. 
It really feels like it wasn’t that long ago when I got my own results back then, and I remember distinctly that I cried because I had B3s for some of the subjects that I was targeting A1s for. But on hindsight, I guess I was silly to have that reaction, because I still did pretty okay and had improved quite a lot from my prelims. 

If anyone does come across this post, I’d really like to say that while your O Level results are important, ultimately they aren’t everything when it comes to your career. Seriously. Personally, I feel that your attitude is the one that determines your future career path, regardless of your education path initially. 

I do agree that where you study does matter – however, I’d like to emphasize that in the not-so-good universities, there can be people who’re very hardworking and driven to do well (I’ve seen this for myself too), and vice versa (: 

To end off – those who’ve done well for O’s, congrats! For those who haven’t done as well as expected, I’d really advise you not to worry too much as this is just a phase of life, a stepping stone. If you mix with the right company – specifically the students who’re driven to do well academically – you’d still stand a chance of doing well and getting into a good university! 🙂 

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