16 Jan

It’s common among many people, especially Singaporeans to be rather stingy when it comes to offering compliments. Maybe this is a possible reason why Singapore is 1 of the unhappiest nations?

Don’t get me wrong, definitely not everyone is unhappy here! 🙂 it really depends on how one sees things, and how he/she tackles problems too, that determines whether a person will be happy or otherwise.

I had this particular encounter earlier when I was at Soup Spoon at Plaza Sing. 1 of the elderly female staff members was telling me, ‘Let me serve you’ with a smile on her face. It’s 1 thing to actually do your job, but another thing altogether to do it with your heart with a big smile 🙂

She was actually offering to change my cutlery after I’d finished my salad and was about to have my soup, asking me if I wanted butter along with my bread roll too. It might actually seem quite insignificant to others, but I could really see that she was being sincere, and I think that’s a very important aspect of customer service too, especially in the F&B industry.

After I’d finished my food and was about to leave, she casually asked me whether I gym (she reckons I have a decent figure :O which in honesty I don’t feel so as I’ve eaten a bit too much lately), and she complimented on my sense of style (which I think is passably decent).

I realized there and then that compliments really do go a long way and it really makes one feel more upbeat and positive 🙂
Maybe, if people were more generous with their compliments and smiles, the world would be a better place to live in 🙂 especially Singapore!

My set meal for the day – Simon and Garfunkel Chicken, with Caesar salad


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