Of rainy weather, dogs and coffee.

04 Feb

I guess it isn’t much of a secret that we’re nuts over dogs!

I felt in a way, we really knew a lot more about how dogs can be like – they’re actually like children in many ways, especially when it comes to training them. Dogs have to be disciplined from the time they’re puppies, otherwise they could easily become wild and excitable and not to mention, hard to control. The same principle also applies to disciplining children, as if children don’t have their mistakes corrected from young, there is always the chance that they can become spoiled eventually, and being insolent to whoever tries to correct them.



This beautiful-looking male chow chow that Jem and myself saw at 1 of the pet shops at Pasir Ris Farmway 2 is such a beauty! He’s 5 years old, and he belongs to Melvin, the owner of that pet shop. Not to mention that he’s a champion dog as well! 😀 He’s pretty tame, smiley, looks like a cross between a lion and a bear because of the crazy amount of fur and facial features, and is pretty quiet in general, since he allowed himself to be petted by us 🙂

We saw many other schnauzers, poodles, chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Japanese spitzs and daschunds at that particular pet farm, and when we drove over to the next pet shop around the area, lab retrievers, English and French bulldogs, huskies, cats (think Grumpy Cat breed HAHA) were seen too! 😀 They’re absolutely adorable too! The lab retriever that we saw was apparently not in a very good mood, and even though we managed to pet her, she soon barked at us, giving me a slight shock too because she looked so gentle.. Guess yesterday happened to be 1 of her off days!

We would have gone on further too, but the rainy weather really made going around to the other pet farms in the area really hard, and not to mention that it was cold as well :\ Henceforth we decided to head to Changi Village to explore the area and have dinner at the hawker centre there.. Awesome chicken cutlet noodles and nasi lemak too!! 😀

Chock Full Of Beans afterward for coffee, since we saw it when exploring the area..

Angry bird latte art for my cafe latte!

Lion latte art for Jem’s hazelnut latte!

The ambience in this place was really nice and peaceful (probably in part due to the rainy weather, so the place itself wasn’t very crowded, and it gives a very colonial+homey vibe 🙂

Chock Full Of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004



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