Late night muses.

05 Apr

I think it’s hit the point that I’m physically and mentally tired, mainly because finals are coming. And as it is, I’ve to complete a stack of readings and powerpoint slides for MGG300 (career planning); and after MGG300 exam on Wednesday, time to practice my recorder for MUS116 practicum finals (yes, honestly the recorder makes me feel like I’m back in primary school all over again) and go full speed ahead for my revision for COM225 and UGC111.

I honestly don’t mind reading because I like it a lot, but the problem here is procrastination. I’m kicking myself because I neglected this module for my others, partially because the others required a lot more effort, attention and time put into it. I feel like I’ve been knocked out due to the amount of stuff I have to do.

Trust me, every undergrad will say that studying is a pain, more so when finals are looming and when the modules are memory-intensive, or having back-to-back exams. And I really feel that when finals loom nearer, everything else around seems more interesting than the textbooks+notes. #truestory

But still, I’m resolutely dusting myself off, telling myself that I can pull through all these. And as of now, there’s less than a month left before exams are over. I swear this is crazy. Just the thought of being so near to graduation makes me shake my head in wonder, at the fact that time has zoomed so fast.

To be really honest, I look forward to the day that I can wear my graduation gown and mortar board;  have my family, Jem, Tabs, Sabby, Cherie, Li Ying and Shi Hui see me go up on stage to receive my transcript and degree; to say “I did it!’ with a sense of satisfaction and pride; go on a very much-needed holiday AND getaway; do a grad photoshoot with the girls; and most importantly, secure myself a job in a line that I enjoy.

Above all, I look forward to the future. For everything to work out well, to have more ups than downs in life, for both of us to walk through every single step of life together, for both of us to grow spiritually in Christ, for us to be successful in our careers, for both of us to grow even more as individuals, to love the people near and dear to me, and most of all, tell myself that I’m a conqueror in His name.

And 1 of the most important things ever: That both of us look to Christ no matter what, to make Him the centre of whatever that we do, to go through everything together, always.

All I pray for right now, are strength to pull through all the exam stress; for us to last; for peace in the world, especially for the Korean peninsula; for there to be a bit more love in the world.

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