Hello, May.

05 May

A semester concluded, 1 final sem to go before officially graduating.

All I can say is.. Thank God this sem is over. It was 1 of the most hectic sems yet,  not to mention that it was incredibly trying, but I’m glad everything worked out fine, that results are somewhat decent so far too.

Something that I’m really glad for, to be honest.

Though what I hate now is that I’m actually down with a bit of flu. Just my luck that it HAD to come the night before my last paper. Imagine the feeling of your throat being like sandpaper, and your nose alternating between runny and stuck 😦

I’m only lucky it didn’t escalate to a fever because I went to the doctor to check it out after my final paper, and the medications prescribed helped a lot too, in addition to a nap before going out again at night.

But other than that, all’s good.. AND I NEED TO WATCH IRON MAN 3. Literally everyone’s been talking about it, and I’ve been (wisely) covering my ears when someone does so, to prevent spoilers.

I know this page is becoming a bit dull due to the lack of pictures, in part because I haven’t taken many photos lately due to exams taking up a large chunk of time.

On a side note, Malaysia’ general elections are on today.. As everyone awaits with bated breath for the outcome, we all hope for the best too. (Okay that’s such an understatement man -_-) In part, because I admittedly haven’t been following the elections very closely too.

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